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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

More artifacts

Hello again. The last couple weeks have found us busy with plenty of interior work, which I'll share with you in good time. For now, this post is filled with more artifacts -- from the ceiling and crawl space.

Our carpenter Al has really gotten into this archaeological stuff. He's read some of our earlier posts about the nifty period items we've found, and has truly gotten into the spirit of discovery. In fact, all of the items shown in this post were collected by Al.

The first few items were found in the attic. This chair, for example:

We'd take it down to the lake and have a little picnic, if we thought it could support the weight of one of us. Or even our cat.

The matching chaise doesn't look like it could bear much weight, either:

Somewhere under the dust and grime are some vivid colors, I'm almost certain.

Say, while we're in a picnic mood, let's not forget the cook stove, also from the attic:

Flatware is a necessity, too. This fork was retrieved from the crawl space:

Also in under the cottage were a few tools of various utility. This saw may have come in handy at some point in the distant past:

Pliers are important for most any job -- except when they've been rusted shut and are growing barnacles:

And finally, perhaps the most intriguing artifact we've seen:

En garde!


Brickhouse said...

Great photos, Mike. It must be a fun treasure hunt every time you come across some old piece of "something". One can only imagine the history behind each piece, and the story of how it came to rest, hidden away for years.

November 14, 2007 7:40 PM  
Mike Yuhas said...

True enough.

I have thought about inserting copies of Model Railroader magazines in the walls before insulation. Can only wonder what the cottage archaeologists 100 years from now would think of that.

November 15, 2007 12:27 PM  

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