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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Exterior before & after

One of our first posts showcased a photo of the cottage a couple weeks before we closed on it. Here's another glimpse:

And today, after a bit of work on the outside:

Mrs. Yuhas figured this is the face of our cottage to our neighbors and passersby, so some effort ought to be expended to give the joint some curb appeal. She's responsible for most of these changes:
  1. Large shrubs removed.
  2. Central air conditioning installed.
  3. Satellite dish removed.
  4. Lava rock dug up and replaced with mulch.
  5. Light fixtures by garage door replaced.
  6. Sidewalk installed.
  7. New stoop built.
  8. Crawl space access improved.
  9. New plants planted.
  10. Trellis installed for clematis.
  11. Shutters added to windows.
  12. Birdbath added.


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