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Monday, August 27, 2007

Weird dream

This morning I laughed myself awake from an odd dream I was having.

Our experiences with the cottage rehab so far have been enlightening, and often downright surprising. Things like severed headers above doorways; repairs halfway made to floor joists; lack of anything square, plumb, and level; and burned, short, and otherwise recycled 2x4s used as studs, to name just a few. Construction techniques so haphazard that we just shake our heads in disbelief. In fact, our noggins are sore due to the constant slapping of our palms against our foreheads.

A previous post detailed some of the substandard electrical work found throughout the place. I must have had this on my mind as I fell asleep last night. In my dream I envisioned a previous electrician wiring the house so cheaply that they didn't use circuit breakers.

Instead they used circuit benders.


trkelley said...

Hey this looks like MY house! :) Is this the same Mike Yuhas that was/is involved with Folk Radio? can't be too many peole with that name running around.
My house - Oregon Coast mountains dry-rotted cottage built 1951, not remodeled or fixed since, until we got it in 1999. Funds are limited, we go slow... i chuckled in familiarity at the your electrical post. Ditto the one about things falling out of the ceiling, great pictures of vernacular archaeology in action. I keep finding toy soldiers, marbles, empty bullet shells, beer bottles....
Great concept for a blog keep the common history coming!

September 4, 2007 6:19 PM  

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