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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Easy access to the throne

Al's been spending the last couple of days hanging doors. For a little cottage, we sure have enough of 'em! Nine interior doors, in fact. All of the original doors have been gone for quite a while (the notable exception being the bathroom door, for modesty's sake). A couple of the old veneer doors were put on special temporary assignment as dumpster ramps, for it was a lot easier roll a wheelbarrow chock full of debris up a ramp than it would have been to yank it up to the floor of the dumpster. The new doors are solid, a classic six-panel design. They'll serve as particularly sturdy ramps in, oh, about a century.

Although we're doing one-for-one replacement of all of the doors, we've slightly changed the position of one, and modified the swing of at least two. Take the bathroom, for instance. When we moved in, to enter the tiny bathroom you'd push the door inward and to the right. The bowl was hidden by the door, so you'd have to shut the door whenever you felt the urge to relax on the throne. It entailed a small bit of maneuvering.

We changed the layout so that we still push the door inward, but it's to the left. It gives the room a whole new feeling! Now you can access the throne without needing to shut the door.

Why you would actually want to do that is beyond the scope of this post, however.


Blogger Fuzzy said...

Hope you put a lock on that door! Otherwise, relaxing on the throne could result in a sore knee if somebody else decides to try to come in...

Though, I suppose that would have been even worse with the old configuration...!

March 8, 2008 5:27 PM  

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