How Not to Spell "Mike Yuhas"

Here is a collection of different misspellings of my name, which I've been amassing since about 1990. Some of these reflect people trying to be cute, though the majority are naturally occurring. Others are merely typographical errors, and are included because they're fun. I mean, "Muke?"

1. Mike Cuhas
2. Mike Juhas
3. Michael Hayas
4. Mike Hewhurst
5. Mike Hyas
6. Mike Iuhas
7. Mike Myuhas
8. Mike Ohaos
9. Mike Tahas
10. Michael U
11. Mike Uahas
12. Mike Uerst
13. Mike Uhaf
14. Mr. Uhas
15. Mike Uhass
16. Mike Uhaus
17. Mike Uhause
18. Mike Uhoff
19. Mike Ukas
20. Mike Unterborn
21. Mike Urhas
22. Mike Wuhas
23. Mike Wyhas
24. Mike Wyuhs
25. Michael Yahas
26. Mike Yahass
27. Mike Yahoo
28. Mike Yahus
29. Mike Yanas
30. Mike Yauhas
31. Mike Yehas
32. Michael Yeuhas
33. Mike Yewhavs
34. Mike Yhusa
35. Mike Yihas
36. Mike Yo
37. Mike Yohas
38. Mike Youhaas
39. Mike Youhas
40. Mike Young
41. Mike Yubas
42. Mike Yugas
43. Mike Yuh
44. J. Yuhaf
45. Michelle Yuhaf
46. Larry Yuhais
47. Mark Yuhaf
48. Mike Yuhan
49. Mike Yuhans
50. Frank Yuhas
51. Mick Yuhas
52. Muke Yuhas
53. Paul Yuhas
54. Mike Yuhat
55. Mike Yuhaus
56. Mike Yuhaz
57. Mike Yuhmas
58. Mike Yuhos
59. Mike Yuhs
60. Mike Yukas
61. Mike Yulas
62. Mike Yulos
63. Mike Yumas
64. Mike Yunas
65. Mike Yurhas
66. Mike Yusha

Update, September 2011: All these examples were collected at the office, at a job I have held since 1989. It's been a very long time since this list was added to, merely because I rarely receive postal mail any more, thereby dramatically reducing the incidences of misspellings showing up. Most communiques arrive in the form of emails, and if the address is misspelled, it just doesn't get through.

But I did want to take this opportunity to thank those who have found some amusement in this list the past several years. I am especially thankful to those who have written to say that one of my misspelled names is exactly how their name is correctly spelled. No offense is intended, of course, and I expressly disavow any humor in the wacky spelling of your name.

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