AB9ON (aka Mike Yuhas) uses a variety of Icom rigs, and may be heard on various bands, including 2 meters or 70 centimeters (analog and D-Star digital) while motoring across southeast Wisconsin, plus the infrequent foray into 20 meters and thereabouts. He has served as an officer of the Ozaukee Radio Club and is active in the Ozaukee Amateur Radio Emergency Service (OZARES). The above photo depicts AB9ON's mobile shack in Port Washington, Wisconsin, on the western shore of Lake Michigan. Both AB9ON and the car have weathered a bit since this photograph was taken in 2007.

A short history of AB9ON:
1958 - Born, at a very early age.
1966 - Began listening to AM broadcast radio (WABC/New York, primarily).
1972 - Began listening to FM broadcast radio.
1974 - Got a scanner and began listening to railroads.
1976 - Licensed on the Citizen's Band as KADH1949. Handle: "Water Cow."
1977 - Listened to the first broadcast of WUSB/Stony Brook.
1980 - Earned Radio Operator's License (took a test at FCC's office on Houston Street, New York), and started an airshift on WUSB/Stony Brook.
1983 - Left WUSB, though still there in spirit.
1990 - Began a lengthy association with WYMS/Milwaukee as host of the Sunday Folk Show.
2001 - WYMS gig ends as station undergoes dramatic rearrangement. Half of weekend volunteer hosts eliminated in one fell swoop.
2001 - Found another gig co-hosting the bluegrass show on WGLB/Port Washington.
2002 - Added the Singer Songwriter Showcase to the WGLB schedule.
2003 - WGLB sold amidst great clamor to a Catholic media group. Most annoyed were the Lutheran ghosts inhabiting the studio building. Bluegrass and Songwriter shows discontinued.
2004 - Needing an RF fix, took plunge into amateur radio. Licensed as KC9GDV.
2007 - Upgraded to General class license.
2007 - Upgraded to Amateur Extra class license; call changed to AB9ON.
2016 - Mobile shack sold, with 323,000 miles on the odometer.


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